The Higher Education Loans Board has been accepting applications

If you fall under any of the following categories then you are eligible to apply:

  1. First-time Undergraduate and First-time TVET loan applicants – this includes those in self-sponsored programmes as well
  2. Second and subsequent TVET – these are former recipients who wish to continue to get support from the board
  3. Applying for postgraduate scholarships – i.e. Masters and PhD students


  1. All students placed into colleges and universities by KUCCPS
  2. All self-sponsored students admitted into recognized institutions (private or public) within East Africa who demonstrate a financial need.


  1. KRA PIN
  2. A copy of admission letter
  3. A valid bank account from any of the following banks:
    • Cooperative Bank of Kenya
    • Equity Bank
    • Kenya Commercial Bank
    • National Bank
    • Kenya Post Office Savings Bank (Postbank)
  1. Parent(s) or guardian details i.e. name, marital status, level of education, source of income, current pay slip, and employee number.
  2. Copy of National ID
  3. Copies of 2 guarantors’ IDs
  4. 3 recent cloured passport photos
  5. County, Constituency, Ward, Location, Sub-location, Street, Village, Estate
  6. Physical Address
  7. Email address – to be used for communication and also setting up your online portal with the board

Application process

HELB went digital a while back. Therefore, most of the application is done online.

Application Tips:

Go to the official HELB site www.portal.helb.co.ke, click on apply for loan, then register. You fill out your details on a page similar to this:

Helb Register Form

Application Steps:

Also note:

Once your Loan Application Form (LAF) has reached the HELB office, they will notify you, via email, about the receipt of your form and the loan status once they start processing your loan.

For successful applicants, it should take AT LEAST two weeks, from the disbursement date, for the money to reflect in your bank account.

For continuing students, the Dean of Students has to confirm to the board that you are in session for disbursement of your processed loan.

No fees are charged for the application process by the board.

This application must be renewed every year if you are successful and wish to continue receiving support from the board.

This year, about 100,000 students were admitted into various institutions of higher learning and are eligible to apply for support but only about 34% of them will receive these loans. This is due to the reduced funding support to HELB from the government.

HELB was allocated KSH 7.5 billion this financial year, leaving a gap of about KSH 2 billion. KSH6 .3 billion of the total amount will be for continuing students and the remaining KSH 1.2 billion is reserved for first year students. The maximum amount for an undergraduate student is 60,000 shillings per year.